A Reason to Stay

Who would have thought that being knocked out by a plus sized mannequin would lead to a complete life change?arts

Stephen is stuck in a rut: dead-end job, no romantic prospects, no hope. A series of bizarre accidents look set to change his path forever.

Having been given a year off work, Stephen decides to undertake a journey across country, aboard a less than manly, nonetheless affordable mode of transportation. A near miss with a miniature poodle leaves Stephen in a cast, his moped wrecked and his journey postponed; he is forced to spend 6 weeks in a village.

His physical journey at a standstill, trapped amongst a quirky cast of characters, Stephen finds himself on a different kind of journey, that of self discovery. Learning more about these people makes him discover new things about himself, and gradually his angry, sarcastic world view dissipates. Life in the village seems perfect, but surely this idyllic existence can’t last, especially for someone as hopelessly accident prone as Stephen?

A Reason to Stay playfully satirises society. Follow Stephen’s adventures whilst he conquers his fear of shopping, teenagers and lascivious older women, in a humorous yet strangely real tale of the effect one person can have on those around them without even realising.

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A Reason to Stay is available exclusively on Kindle as well as in print. You can get a print copy from Lulu.com

A Reason to Stay