Questioning Lesbians

Well, I’m still not quite recovered from men trying to push their “questioning lesbians” at me when I requested own voices queer fiction, but I’ve decided to turn a negative into a positive and create a series of interviews called #QuestioningLesbians.

If you write #lesfic or are just a bit lady gay and want to do an interview, let’s chat. I wanna question me some lesbians.

This is a series of interviews focused on own voices queer fiction. If you identify as queer and write lesfic then jump on in, there isn’t any gatekeeping. The aim here is to support queer writers and give them a platform. The title is designed to be humorous based on me being offered “questioning lesbians” as a theme, and it is not a closed interview. If you write bi/pan characters etc, but it’s own voices, jump on in. Welcome, it’s all fine.

Let’s see how many questionable lesbians we get!!

And you can read interviews from the Questioning Lesbians archive here.